The Beast

Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot

Steve is up this week and he has picked a doozey. Not only is The Beast an hour long procedural about dirty FBI agents who go too far, but it is the last show that the late Patrick Swayze ever worked on. Steve remains confident that the team of panelist he is presenting to: Matt, Dave, Ant, and Crystal, will get enough enjoyment out of the very experimental take on the cop show.

While the seemingly simple plot of the pilot is cookie cutter, The Beast relies upon great acting, a large amount of strange angles and hand-held shots, as well as a peek into an intriguing yet mostly obscured plot where no one knows who the good guys truly are. Ok, that still might be cookie-cutter but it still sounds intriguing. Maybe it will be intriguing enough…

The first and only season of The Beast is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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