About the Show

Bingeworthy is a podcast about deciding what shows are worthy of wasting your valuable time watching episode after episode of. Each week a group of our expert panelist gather and discuss a show and make this crucial assessment. Here is how it works:

Each panelist comes to the podcast with a selection of a show and one episode from it. From the strength of that one episode, the group must decide if that show is indeed Bingeworthy.

The show is divided into 2 segments:

  1. Introduction and episode selection
  2. Episode review and voting

In the first segment, we introduce our panelist and bs about what is going on in their lives, to build some level of report, real or not. Then, one panelist is chosen at random to pick this weeks episode for review. They must then make their argument as to why this show is Bingeworthy. They can give a general overview of the show but cannot get too specific or discuss overarching plots at this point. Remember, the vote is based on this one episode alone.

The show takes a brief break to watch the episode before segment two begins.

In segment two, everyone breaks down every single detail about the show. The panelists can ask whatever questions they want and the chooser can answer as they so choose as long as their explanation does not give away any major spoilers. This can also get very ugly as everyone is free to tear the episode apart or praise it and argue with everyone who doesn’t agree with their opinion.

After the bickering and overly-deep analysis, all the panelist vote yes or no, is the show Bingeworthy? If the decision is unanimously yes, the voting is over, the show is added to the official Bingeworthy list and the show is no longer eligible for future episodes. If there is one or more no votes, the picker, as well as the yes votes, have a chance to change the other’s minds. Then there is one more round of voting. If a unanimous decision cannot be reached, the show is not added to the list and any panelist is free to bring another episode to a future podcast to try and convince everyone again.