Good Girls (Bad*ss B*tches Reviewing Bad*ss B*tches)

(Editor’s Note: Are you guys happy now!? You get this title once!)

Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot

While Matt and Ant are on vacation, Crystal, Ali, & Night decide to take over the show and record an episode without them. The all female panel spend most of the first part of the show berating the very hard-working Matt for missing the easiest way to set up the stream and not making a guest appearance with Ant (Side note: They wanted to, but they got drunk on and forgot), but Matt persisted through the tears while editing of what, as he is ashamed to admit, a very good episode without the original designers of this idea.

Ali is up this week and decides that the all-girl panel is the perfect place to pitch Good Girls, the NBC comedy drama about three suburban mothers who rob a supermarket to make ends meet and hilarity and drama ensues. Will the absence of Matt and Ant help Ali in her inaugural pitch to Bingeworthy?

Good Girls is available on Netflix and Hulu.

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