X-Men The Animated Series

In what might be the biggest gimmie in the history of the show, Sean picks the classic cartoon, X-Men: The Animated Series. Wonder what this panel will say about it…

AI Generated Show notes because they still make me laugh:

In this conversation, the hosts discuss their recent experiences at a convention and their excitement for upcoming video game releases. They also touch on the topic of voice actors and their dedication to their roles. The conversation then transitions to a discussion about the Destiny 2 video game and the upcoming final expansion. The hosts share their thoughts and plans for playing the game. The conversation concludes with a brief mention of a new indie game called Sirens. The conversation starts with casual banter and introductions. They discuss the new Alien Romulus trailer and the upcoming Lego Star Wars movie. They also mention a Darth Revan helmet replica and the possibility of Revan being brought into canon. The conversation touches on the Old Republic theme in merchandise and the potential for more Old Republic content in the future. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss their thoughts on the Deadpool movies and Ryan Reynolds as an actor. They also talk about the X-Men animated series from the 90s and the upcoming X-Men 97 series. The hosts express their excitement for watching the X-Men animated series and discuss their favorite episodes. They also mention other animated shows like Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Spider-Man. The conversation ends with the hosts deciding to watch the first two episodes of the X-Men animated series, titled ‘Night of the Sentinels.’ The conversation covers various topics related to the X-Men animated series, including childhood memories, animation styles, character dynamics, and audience reception. The hosts discuss their experiences with the show and its impact on them. They also touch on the animation techniques used in the series, such as the use of 3D models. The conversation explores the show’s themes and its place in the larger context of animated series at the time. Overall, the hosts express their nostalgia for the show and appreciate its significance. The conversation explores the impact of 90s cartoons on children’s behavior and attention spans. It is suggested that children who watch 90s media have fewer meltdowns and temper tantrums when separated from screens. The discussion also touches on the fast-paced nature of modern children’s programming and the constant stimulation it provides. The hosts reflect on the differences between 90s cartoons and current shows, noting that older cartoons took more risks and were less formulaic. The conversation concludes with a mention of Steve Burns, the former host of Blue’s Clues, and his decision to leave the show due to concerns about his changing appearance. The conversation covers various topics, including nostalgia, video games, animated series, and family heirlooms. They discuss the impact of nostalgia on markets and the value of nostalgia-driven items like Pokemon cards and old video games. They also talk about how animated series from the 90s treated kids seriously and didn’t talk down to them. The conversation touches on the rapid development of media and the changing landscape of children’s attention spans. They also mention the prevalence of advertising in today’s media and the challenges of monopolizing children’s time. The conversation ends on a lighter note with discussions about upcoming video games and positive news about oyster reef restoration and engagement rings.