The Most Bingeable Shows Part I

While we wait for the long delayed season 4, listen as our panel compares their top 10 most bingeable shows with that of a list Sean found on the internet.

Also for fun, I ran the episode through an AI program. Here is the word of word “show notes” it outputted:

The hosts discuss various topics including communist Steven, found footage movies, Mr. Beast’s candy bars, gripes about Destiny and Bungie, the problem with unfinished games, and their personal criteria for binge-worthy shows. The conversation explores the factors that make a show binge-worthy, including discovering new things in rewatches, personal preferences for binge-worthy shows, mood and investment in story, and connection with characters. The hosts then review a top 30 list of binge-worthy shows, discussing their thoughts on each show. The chapters cover a range of shows, including The Wire, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, The Mandalorian, Grey’s Anatomy, Better Call Saul, Peaky Blinders, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, Band of Brothers, and Parks and Recreation. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss various TV shows and their rankings. They compare The Office and Parks and Recreation, talk about the long-running show Criminal Minds, and share their thoughts on Ozark, Shameless, House, and This Old House. They also discuss Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Supernatural, Batman: The Animated Series, and the K-drama Juvenile Justice. This part of the conversation covers various TV shows and their themes. It discusses the influence of adults on minors’ behavior, the importance of consequences and different parenting styles, misunderstandings about gentle parenting, humorous parenting solutions, the realistic portrayal of ADHD in media, the impact of TV shows on parenting, the resurrection of Tony Almeida in 24, the character development and surprises in Westworld, the problematic nature of The Big Bang Theory, the similarities between Fringe and The X-Files, the silliness and ridiculousness of What We Do in the Shadows and Taskmaster, and the expanded characters and overwhelming force in Clone Wars. In this part of the conversation, the topics discussed include the system and instructions, the tap water conspiracy, memory under pressure, dislike of tap water, working out the code, attacking the biscuit, whacking and yanking, undermining the vole, and a review and conclusion. The chapter titles reflect the main themes of each section. In this episode, the hosts discuss the idea of making their TV ranking an annual event to track changes over time. They also consider doing genre-specific rankings and revisit the concept of least bingeable shows. The Good Place is mentioned as a potential top pick. The hosts discover that they have several top picks in common. They also mention a recent show that blew their minds. The episode concludes with some humorous banter and final thoughts.