Season 3

  • The Bear

    Matt was so excited by this show, he had to pull rank and present the show without ever rolling a single dice. The Bear is available on Hulu. Play […]

  • Political Maneuvers

    With Crystal and Night both MIA, the boys take the opportunity to get some of their favorites through the panel. Beavis and Butt-Head is available on Paramount+ Golden Boy is […]

  • Jury Duty

    The panel reviews the mockumentary/reality tv show Jury Duty. Jury Duty is available on Amazon Prime. Play in new window | Download

  • Bingeworthy Live – House of the Dragon

    It’s another live episode of Bingeworthy and this time the fans have suggested Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon. House of the Dragon is available on Max […]

  • Trigun Stampede

    Another day, another anime, this week Trigun Stampede. Trigun Stampede is available on Hulu and CrunchyRoll. Play in new window | Download

  • Archer

    The gang reviews the FX animated spy comedy Archer. Archer is available on Hulu. Play in new window | Download

  • The Recruit

    The Recruit is a Netflix series. Didn’t you know? Play in new window | Download

  • The Crown

    Season 2 Episode 6 Matt is away and Crystal is running the board… The Crown is available on Netflix Play in new window | Download

  • Star Wars: Rebels

    For once Matt is the one choosing an animated show, though, of course, its Star Wars. After his luck with Clone Wars Matt tries to copy his success with Rebels. […]

  • Vox Machina

    When Night is not busy playing League of Legends, sometimes she suggests shows. This week she has chosen the “Anime”/”Not Anime” of Vox Machina. Probably hoping to play off the […]