Most Bingeable Part II

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SummaryIn this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics including domain transfer, the Grammys, toxic fandoms, new games, console wars, Microsoft’s announcement, and Apple’s VR headset. The conversation covers topics such as recalls and safety issues, TV shows, and the show Hasbin Hotel. It also includes a discussion on the plot and criticism of Hasbin Hotel, as well as a segment on technical difficulties.


  • Transferring a domain and waiting for DNS can be a time-consuming process.
  • The Grammys and the music industry have been criticized for snubbing Black women.
  • Toxic fandoms can be harmful and create a negative environment for fans.
  • Microsoft’s announcement about Xbox becoming more inclusive of third-party publishers is seen as a natural progression.
  • Console wars have become less relevant as each platform has its own strengths and exclusive titles.
  • Apple’s VR headset has received mixed reactions due to its high price and restrictions on content. Recalls and safety issues can be a cause for concern and frustration for consumers.
  • TV shows and their reception can vary, and not all seasons may be as well-received as others.
  • Hasbin Hotel is a show that centers around a hotel in hell and explores the concept of redemption.
  • The pacing and time constraints of the first season of Hasbin Hotel have been criticized, but the show has been cleared for a second season.